About the Wyld Path

By Lady Raven, HPS

The Wyld Path originally arose from my need to create a tradition that could function effectively in a global virtual space.  Most traditions are very dependent on local meetings and coven gatherings.  Local participation is not necessary for spiritual development and community.  With current technology levels, we can achieve both, which is our goal within the Wyld Path.  COVID-19 forced us to find ways to operate in the virtual realm effectively, and I noticed that experiences sometimes could be even more profound when you connect purely energetically and spiritually.

This path was designed as a Blended Tradition.  This means that it is open enough to allow members to Participate in other paths and lineages of study.  One of my Teachers, Robbie Warren, once explained the merging of Traditions so beautifully, and it moved me so that I decided to incorporate that within this path.  She explained that Spirituality for each of us is like a Trident.  You have the central path you walk, and then there are two supplemental paths on either side that come together to provide wholeness and an opportunity for growth. My Trident has a strong center on witchcraft, and my supporting paths are shamanism and Haitian Voudou. I invite you to explore your trident and see what your blended path looks like!

We have a strong focus on inner work and shadow work within this path. You move forward when you are ready and not before that.  Your guides and spirit helpers will tell you and your teacher when the time comes.  If you are not ready, they will remain silent.  There is not a lot of formal work within this tradition – books and manuals will not help you, as there is no manual for yourself. As we embrace our true selves, we find our power and find balance.  This power comes to us outside of ego, comparisons, and accolades. We are the only ones that can find it, and we are the only ones that can give it away.

With personal power and development, we realize that we are connected to everyone and everything. Therefore, we can see how we can impact our community and how our community can impact us.  This is why community work for us is so important.  Walking in balance requires us to walk in relationship with the world around us.  Nature, people, animals, spirits, guides, etc.  There is no way around this balance, so we seek a positive relationship with everything around us.

Our coursework in the Wyld Academy will teach you processes and ceremonies.  However, they are only a jumping-off point from where the real work will begin – your work. Our degree system measures your personal development – a guidepost for yourself.  Each member will reach that guidepost uniquely, as no two journeys are alike.  While the degrees symbolize commonality within your spiritual development, you get to choose what is most important to you within your journey and which steps you wish to take.

Outer Court

Our outer court participation has two levels:

  • General Outer Court – this participation level is for those who want community Support but have no interest in initiatory practice. You can enjoy support from other members without committing to any long-term practice. If you wish to participate in our outer court, all you need to do is join our Wyld Community. This is free, and there is no requirement for any type of participation.
  • Dedicant Outer Court – this participation level is for those who wish to begin the initiatory path within a Wyld Path coven.  Each coven will have different requirements for their dedicants, so check your coven requirements. The word dedicant is descriptive. You are dedicating yourself to your practice and your ancestral line this year.  Dedicants do not work with other spirits. They focus on firming up their energy and connection with their ancestors first. You must petition the coven with an elder sponsor who will present you to the council of elders.  The council will then meet and decide if you are a good match for us and us for you.

Once you are accepted as a dedicant, you will be required to attend all Coven Sabbats for at least a year.  The dedicant period can be extended if you miss any Sabbat Ceremonies.  You are also required to participate in monthly coven meetings where we discuss our current path and current work. During your dedicant year, you must establish a strong ancestor practice and understand your energy and how that comes into place within your spiritual practice.

Inner Court

Our Inner Court Participation has 4 Levels

  • Seeker – Once you receive your first initiation, you will be a seeker, and you should have attained some mastery over your personal energy. This name is also descriptive, as, during this phase of your training, you will be seeking your spiritual helper team.  We always work in relationships with Spirits in our team. Your ancestors will help you, and you decide when you are ready to move into the next training phase. As a seeker, you will be able to choose your witchcraft name.

    The next step is learning how to establish a Shamanic Journeying practice and meet and establish a strong relationship with your team of spirit helpers.  These can be angelic, Animal Totems, plant totems, spirit guides, Gods, Goddesses, or ascended masters. You are also growing in your personal spiritual development and maintaining a solid Ancestor practice.

  • Practitioner Once you receive your Practitioner initiation, you will be eligible to work on your Wyld Path Practitioner Certification if you so wish. This name is also descriptive as you will spend your Practitioner year putting into practice the relationships you formed with your Spirit Helper team. Your Spirit Helpers will help us, and you decide when you are ready to move into the next phase of your training.

    During your time as a Practitioner, you will be applying all of the skills you have in community work.  Leading community ceremony and mentoring others is a big part of your Practitioner’s work. Working with Spirit Medicine in your local community is also part of your work towards eldership.  You must also maintain a strong relationship with your spirit helpers, continue your spiritual development, and have a strong Ancestor practice.

  • Eldership – Once you receive your Eldership, you will be eligible to work on your Wyld Path Teacher Certification if you so wish. Eldership represents someone who has mastered all aspects of their work through all levels until this one.  Their mastery allows them to teach and mentor others if so desired. Your ancestors and Spirit Helpers will help us and you to decide when you are ready to move into this next phase of your journey.

    If you do not have any interest in starting your coven, then as an Elder, you can remain in your current coven and be part of your coven’s Council of Elders. As an Elder, you will be required to mentor other coveners when needed and lead ceremony within your coven and outside of it, but most of your work will be done with other coveners. You will also be called on to teach within your coven on topics you specialize in. You must also maintain a strong relationship with your spirit helpers, continue your spiritual development, and have a strong Ancestor practice.

  • High Priest/ess – In this role, you will be working within the local community in the role of Clergy.  This also requires you to teach within your local community (outside the coven) and be available for spirit medicine for your community. You must petition the tradition elder council to become a HP/S within the Tradition.  You will have an opportunity to make your case and explain why this is a fit for you and how you plan to maintain your practice in the community.

    As a High Priest/ess, you will be REQUIRED to maintain your certifications as a Wyld Path Practitioner and Wyld Path Teacher. As a HP/S, you will have the option to start your Coven and become a member of the Tradition Elder Council. If you do wish not lead a coven, you must pick a coven within the tradition where you can remain as an elder. Participation within the tradition is always mandatory, especially for Elders and HP/S.  You will become a member of the Tradition elder council (as well as your coven’s elder council), and you will be required to meet quarterly to give updates on your coven and the work you are currently doing in the community.

Our Tradition also has a council of HP/S Elders to offer guidance to all HP/S in leading their covens and ensuring our Lineage’s integrity.

Meet the Council of Elders