The Coven of the Wyld Moon

The Coven of the Wyld Moon focuses on Shamanic Witchcraft.  Our practice combines Modern Shamanic Ceremonies and rituals, Hermetic principles, and Progressive Witchcraft Ritual formats.

We are an online coven, meeting monthly via zoom to discuss our current spiritual development and support each other.  All members in the outer court are welcome to participate online.  We may meet for some Sabbats for an in-person ritual if you are local. However, this is not required and will not be a common occurrence. Most outer circle Ceremony practice takes place via Community Events in the Wyld Academy and community Participation in the Wyld CommunityAlthough we provide support and some learning, we are not a teaching coven, and we expect that each participant already has an established personal practice. The Wyld Academy offers many learning opportunities if you are looking to learn.

The focus of our coven is:

  • Individual Spiritual Development and Exploration, including ancestor work
  • Outside Community Support
  • Shadow Work & Energetic Balance
  • Building a relationship with Spirit Helpers and fostering a strong bond for medicine work, Journeying, and Ceremony.
  • A Coven Community that is supportive and promotes personal development with support and guidance.

If you are interested in becoming an outer court seeker, your best bet is to begin participating online and engaging with our group.  We are not interested in disengaged members, so participation is vital to get to know you better and for you to get to know us better. Additionally, we are extremely selective in the members we choose to join our ranks, so the more we know about you, the better your chances of making it in.

If you decide to begin an initiatory practice (Inner Court) after being accepted into our Outer Court by any member of our CotWM Elder Council, you can petition for initiatory practice. Then, you and your Elder sponsor can work together to determine whether initiatory practice is right for you and the requirements needed to ensure you are ready for this practice and growth. This is the path of Initiatory practice we use:

  1. Dedication – Outer circle membership – this is the first step to beginning your spiritual path. Focus on the basics of Spiritual Practice and Ceremony. You become a dedicant when you are accepted for Initiatory practice.
  2. Seeker – Inner Circle Membership – this is your first full initiation – Focus on Personal Energy & Spiritual Development and establishing a solid ancestor practice through personal work and Ceremony.
  3. Practitioner – Working with Spirit via Totems, Guides, plant spirits, Gods/Goddesses, and Shadow Work through Ceremony and personal work.
  4. Eldership – Focus on group work via leading ceremony and rituals and working with the Coven Community in Mentoring, Guiding, and Spirit Medicine. Teaching is also a vital component of Eldership, and you will become eligible to become a Certified Wyld Path Teacher.
  5. High Priest/ess – Working with the outside community in the role of Clergy.  This includes leading a coven, leading a community Ceremony, and guiding and mentoring those in the community. Additionally, you will be admitted to the Tradition Elder Council.

All initiations MUST take place in person – there are no exceptions to this rule. Each initiation will be unique to the petitioner and their personal and spiritual development and focus.  Generally, these ceremonies take place over a weekend in a retreat format in North Carolina. This is a long process of personal development.  The MINIMUM time between each step is a year and a day.  This allows you to work with the entire wheel of the year at each step of initiation.

Your first step before you petition to join the outer Court is to enroll in the
Fundamentals of Shamanic Witchcraft Course in the Wyld Academy, begin participating in our community events, and reach out to one of our elders!

Coven of the Wyld Moon Council of Elders