Certified Wyld Path Practioner

A Certified Wyld Path Practitioner is a second-degree Coven Member (Practitioner) who has decided to take an active role in working in the community.  Wyld Path practitioners can lead Ceremonies in the community and work with community members in bringing them Spirit Medicine as needed.  They have had extensive training in Spiritual Work, Ceremony, and Spirit Medicine. They can also choose to combine their spirit medicine and business practice, continuing to support their communities.

Initial Requirements

  •  Complete the following courses in the Wyld Academy with 90%+ participation and submissions
    1. Fundamentals of Shamanic Witchcraft
    2. Y1:Ancestral Practice
    3. Y2: Spiritual Connections
    4. Y3: The Power of the Shamanic Witch
    5. Y4: Becoming Clergy
    6. Connecting with Correspondences
    7. Intro to Spiritual Herbalism
    8. The Energetic Geology of Crystals
    9. The Chakra System
  • Complete the following hands-on Requirements:
    1. In-person Ceremony Requirements: Lead 5 in-person group Ceremonies (3 or more participants)
    2. Virtual Ceremony Requirements: Lead 15 virtual group Ceremonies (3 or more participants)
    3. In-person Client Sessions: Complete 10 in-person Client sessions
    4. Virtual Client Sessions: Complete 15 Virtual client sessions.

Ongoing Yearly Requirements

  • Complete at least 5 group ceremonies per year – virtual or in-person (3 or more participants)
  • Complete at least 8 client sessions per year – virtual or in-person
  • Continuing education in any field of your choice – 2 classes per year (does not have to be Wyld Academy classes – it can be in any reputable program – we can provide a list on request)

There is no charge for this certification!