Certified Wyld Path Instructor

A Certified Wyld Path Instructor is a Coven Elder who has decided to take an active role in educating the community.  Wyld Path Instructors can lead Ceremonies in the community and work with community members in bringing them Spirit Medicine as needed, and teach classes in their chosen field in the Wyld Academy or any other reputable academy.  They have had extensive training in Spiritual Work, Ceremony, and Spirit Medicine. They can also choose to combine their spirit medicine, Teaching, and business practice, continuing to support their communities.

Initial Requirements

  1.  Become a Wyld Path Practitioner
  2. Complete a minimum of 5 courses outside the Wyld Academy on their Subject of Expertise to gain a diverse view and foundation of their chosen area of interest.
  3. Complete a Dissertation on their Topic of expertise and present it to the Elder Council.
  4. Teach three successful classes within the Wyld Academy as a Teacher in training with feedback from students.

Ongoing Yearly Requirements

  • Complete all yearly requirements for the Practitioner certification.  If your certification is not renewed at any time, your Teacher certification will also not be eligible for renewal.
  • Continuing education in your chosen field – 2 classes per year outside the Wyld Academy

There is no cost for Teacher Certification so long as all requirements are completed.